According to statistics, low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide and nearly half of working Americans report having back pain symptoms each year. The condition can lead to missing days of work, limited movement and the inability to engage in regular daily activities. In some cases, treatment consists of medication or surgery which both entail serious risks. Fortunately, holistic, natural methods, such as auriculotherapy, have demonstrated positive results.

A 2012 study evaluated the use of exercise and auricular acupuncture for chronic low back pain. Participants were assigned to either an exercise only group or an exercise and ear acupuncture group. Those who engaged in exercise and received auricular acupuncture demonstrated a greater mean improvement in pain and quality of life. The researchers noted that auriculotherapy was safe and offered additional benefits when combined with exercise.

Ear seeds and auricular acupuncture stimulate the same points. However, ear seeds have a time-release effect, do not involve needles, and can be applied in the comfort of your own home. The acupressure points on the outside of the ear targeted with ear seeds are directly correlated with the mechanisms related to back pain. offers a Back Pain Ear Seed Kit to work with your body in order to lessen the intensity of pain. Each kit contains vaccaria ear seeds, a detailed graphic protocol and tweezers for ease of use. The detailed graphic shows the ear points that are associated with back pain and our kit teaches you where to place them.

Wanna see how ear seeds performed on the spot for someone with severe back pain and sciatica? Go here to check out the video.