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@earseeds Earseeds stimulate pressure points to balance the nervous system. I m messed up one, but that sometimes happens and it’s all good! Questions about ear seeds? I’d love to answer them! leave a comment. #Earseeds #AuricularTherapy #Wellness #Acupressure #Acupuncture #MassageTherapy #StoneMassage #WellnessTutorial #Yoga #HealthyLifestyle #SpaIndustry ♬ 4-minute training gym sound(955942) - YOUNG MO
@earseeds Whether it’s sleep apnea, TMJ, tooth grinding from anxiety, or something else- the way jaw pain shows up on the ear is pretty consistent. Of course any medical issue like sleep apnea needs to be addressed by a professional, but earseeds might be helpful to combat the level of pain you can bring with it. #TMJ #JawPain #TeethGrinding #FacialPain #Sleepapnea #Sleep #Snoring #MissingTeeth #HolisticHealth #Wellness ♬ Tropical house party (90 seconds) - TimTaj

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