Wholesale pricing for retailers and practitioners


Founded by an acupuncturist, one of the core missions of earseeds.com is to create a retail-ready product that practitioners can use to grow their practice and their revenue while simultaneously growing the public’s familiarity and understanding about auriculotherapy and acupuncture.
To that end, when you place your first wholesale order as a practitioner, you’ll receive a “starter package” of marketing materials, educational brochures, office flyers, even inspirational stickers to share with your patients.

We’re dedicated to helping you succeed at integrating ear seeds into your practice so when your patients go out into the world wearing ear seeds, they are a walking word-of-mouth referral service for your clinic.

If you are interested in selling our auriculotherapy ear chart kits or our wildly popular Swarovski Crystal Ear Pellets in your retail or clinic location please complete the appropriate form by clicking on one of the links below.

It is creating a lot of good conversation at the front desk.
I really like them. Patients love it. They can help family at home as adjunct care. They are worth their weight in advertising! Low investment, high gain.
– Michelle Alley, L.Ac.

My patients LOVE the ear seeds. It helps extend the treatment and we’re experiencing greater compliance with treatments. My patients dealing with anxiety love the Lavender infused seeds. The orange infused seeds are a great complement to the weight loss seeds.
– Stacey Donelson, L.Ac.
Ear Seeds Display

“My patients love these ear seed kits! Within 2 weeks of the condition specific kits arriving in my practice they were all sold. About 2/3rds of them I sold to specific patients, and the rest were people just walking in the door and grabbing them off the shelf. With my first order I preemptively bought about 6 refill kits and once the condition specific kits sold, a few of the refill kits sold on their own too!  I had to find the people (whom my colleagues – an LMT and an esthetician) sold them to in order to follow up and get them a chart to be able to use the seeds! Brilliant.  I’ve always used auriculotherapy in my practice but Elie’s charts and kits make it so much easier to communicate value to patients, I feel like I have a fantastic marketing tool, education tool and revenue generating product all in one.  I highly recommend Ear Seed Kits for any alternative medicine practice.”
– Rebecca Hurwood, LAc, All Ways Well in Portland, OR

Listen To Douglas, A NYC Based Acupuncturist, share his experience bringing Swarovski Crystal EarSeeds into his clinic: