About The Founders

Acupuncturist marries fashion designer

We ♥️ Auriculotherapy

After nearly 18 years working as a licensed acupuncturist, Elie dreamed up the idea of Ear Seed Kits… Simple, well-designed products that would allow more people to experience the benefits of this powerful, proven, and fascinating modality. 

He turned to his fabulously talented and beautiful wife Tova, (who also writes the copy on this website,) who’d spent 18+ years as a product, fashion and branding designer in the NYC Fashion Industry. She knew that to make people realize ear seeds were amazing, they’d also have to make them beautiful. 

Together with their beautifully reimagined EarSeeds products and comprehensive educational offerings they set out on a journey to share Auriculotherapy with the world. 

Tova & Elie Goldschmidt


P.S. There’s more to the story… our “Why”, as they call it… Why we love it. Why we do what we do. Why we do it the way that we do it. Wanna dive in a bit deeper? 

about ear seeds

Vaccaria? Stainless? 24K Gold?

Ear Seeds come in a wide variety of materials. Get educated about the different types of ear seeds so you know what’s right for you.

Designed and Handmade In House

All of our products are designed and made with 💗 in Nevada. Wherever possible, we use local parts, printing, and labor. In fact, you’ll see the name of the artisan who made your Swarovski® Crystal EarSeeds printed right on your package. 

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We Teach What We Know

Learn more about our Auriculotherapy Training Program and our wide variety of other classes.