Ear Acupressure Jewelry for Well-Being

It’s not woo-woo. It’s science.

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Are You Single?

Includes 1 strip + charts + tweezers

  • SPARK’D Pearl Singles

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  • SPARK’D Rainbow Crystal Singles

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  • Spark'd EarSeeds Crystal

    SPARK’D Crystal Singles

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  • Spark'd Gold-Ear-Seeds-Main

    SPARK’D Gold Singles

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Time-Tested Trios

Includes 3 assorted strips + charts & no tweezers

  • crystal earseeds-Trio

    SPARK’D Crystal Embellished Trio

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  • SPARK’D Pearl + Rainbow Embellished Trio

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  • SPARK’D 24K Gold Trio

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Limited Editions

We make ’em by hand. We got what we got. When it’s gone, it’s gone! 💫


What the heck are ear seeds?

Ear Seeds are tiny acupressure pellets that SPARK nerve endings on the ear.
They send messages to your brain to create homeostasis- or balance – and help you feel amazing.
Because when your pain & anxiety stop feeling overwhelming, you can feel free to SHINE!

Why Get SPARK’D?

Getting Spark’d with ear seeds is about activating nerve endings for health and wellness- but it’s also about joy, creativity and fearless self-expression.

Hey there, I’m Tova!

SPARK’D EarSeeds is a project I’ve created to combine two things I’m passionate about:
A- The power of color, light and sparkle to ignite a person’s joy, and 
B- Ear Seeds. 😁

Combining my years as a product designer in the NYC fashion industry, with my husband Elie’s experience as an acupuncturist, as a family we launched EarSeeds in 2014, followed by EarSeedsAcademy in 2016. 

Discovering how these beautiful and powerful ear seeds could deeply help people, teaching others how to use them in holistic wellness environments, and seeing the transformative power they had for those in dark moments of their lives compelled me create this passion project. 

Our Mission

We believe wellness doesn’t have to be boring.

SPARK’D EarSeeds are fashion-first ear acupressure products with empowering messaging that SPARKS creativity and bold self-expression.

We’re here for color-obsessed maximalists who don’t recognize themselves in the branding and messaging of typical wellness brands.

Feeling uplifted is the outcome. Ear Seeds are the tool.