As a form of auriculotherapy, ear seeds have proven effective in improving back pain. When Dr. Paul Nogier, often referred to as the “Father of Auriculotherapy,” popularized the practice in the 1950s, he found certain points on the ear corresponded to the central nervous system, thus affecting different areas of the body.

While pharmaceuticals and surgery are mainstream treatments for back pain, both routes come with serious side effects. Ear seeds are a natural way to address the condition. With no negative consequences and the ability to utilize the seeds at home, the technique is not only safe, but convenient as well.

A study published in 2013, investigated the effects of a four-week auricular point acupressure regimen for chronic low back pain. Participants were divided into two groups. The first group had ear seeds adhered to specific acupressure points, while the second group received sham auriculotherapy.

Participants in the first group experienced, “a 70% reduction in worst pain intensity,a 75% reduction in overall pain intensity, and a 42% improvement in disability due to back pain from baseline assessment.” The pain reduction was substantially greater in the first group than in the group that received sham auriculotherapy. offers a complete kit for back pain, including a detailed protocol graphic. The needle-free method is easy and doesn’t cause discomfort. Simply place the ear seeds on the appropriate points and press on them every few hours to stimulate the nerve endings. Try ear seeds today for holistic pain management.