Shoulder / Neck Pain Stainless Steel EarSeeds Kit


Is your “smartphone slump” posture causing neck pain? Or maybe you hit a new personal record at the gym, but it caused some pain and soreness in your shoulders? This Shoulder & Neck Pain EarSeeds kit includes points that correspond to pain, stiffness, and tension you may feeling in your shoulders and neck.

Contains everything you need:

  • 40 Stainless Steel Ear Seeds on Long-Lasting, Clear Adhesive Tape
  • Easy-to-Follow Educational Ear Chart
  • Precision Tweezers
  • Bonus Shen Men Chart
  • Complete Instructions

Swarovski® Crystal EarSeeds

Upgrade the appearance of your EarSeeds. Use attractive Crystal-embellished pellets on the pressure points indicated in the kit for a more fashionable look with the same function.


  • Made with long-lasting clear tape for an inconspicuous appearance
  • Designed to last through showering and swimming
  • Fits even the smallest of ears: great for kids!
  • Typically stays in place for 2-4 days
  • Latex-Free
These kits are designed for educational purposes only.
No claims as to therapeutic or curative properties of any treatment or modality are being made.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz