Penelope Cruz has been spotted out and about over the past year sporting acupuncture beads in her ears. While her use of auriculotherapy has spurred rumors that Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem are trying for another child, experts hypothesize the busy actress is relying on ear seeds to tame stress and achieve balance.

Beads or seeds are common for everything from stress to headaches. They can also serve as a way to promote health and wellbeing. In an interview with the Daily News, Cynthia Neipris, a licensed acupuncturist and director of outreach at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, noted ear seeds can be used in conjunction with acupuncture treatments or on their own.

Neipris said the points stimulated on Cruz’s ear indicate she is trying to de-stress and possibly cleanse her body by detoxing naturally. Neipris said one of Cruz’s points is targeted to serve, “as a general re-balancing, or just a general feel-good like when you exercise at the gym.” You can get the same stress relief protocol as Penelope Cruz with our stress ear seed kit.

Auriculotherapy isn’t just for celebrities. At, we offer kits for a variety of issues, including anxiety, insomnia, smoking, stress, depression, back pain, headaches and weight loss. The best part? Ear seeds are a safe, natural way to address conditions in the comfort of your own home.