Earlier this summer I joined a 6AM morning bootcamp in the park. I’ve honestly never been a huge fitness person- (or a morning person, for that matter)  and especially since having kids, a healthy diet has really been the main thing that has kept me in relatively decent shape. But truth be told though, I was weak. My muscles had forgotten how to work and I felt sluggish so frequently. With my 40th birthday looming I decided to take the plunge and get my strength and energy back.
And it’s been great and I totally love it. It helps me start my day with energy and a clear head.


Besides the standard soreness that comes from engaging muscles that haven’t been stimulated in years, my coordination needed some fine tuning… and one morning I moved the wrong way, pulled the wrong muscle and found my shoulder in a world of pain.

I was unable to lift my arm above heart level without terrible pain shooting up my neck and to the area behind my ear, and the ache also extended down almost to my elbow. I was up half the night because every time I shifted or turned in bed, pain would shoot through my neck and wake me up. It was miserable.

But I am dedicated to this morning class and know if I miss even one, it’s a slippery slope to skipping two, three…. and I did not want to take pain medication

So I once again turned to ear seeds!

I wanted to share with you the points we used – Including a SPECIAL technique so if you find yourself experiencing shoulder pain you can try these points and see if they benefit you too!

So, to start, we used a very simple protocol with only a few ear seeds.

shoulder points ear seeds

We placed two ear seeds; one on the shoulder point and one on the shoulder joint point. (The third seed you see at the top was actually for some knee pain.)

So, what’s so special about this placement?

It’s what you can’t see — what’s going on behind the ear!

We used what’s called the “Sandwich Strategy” and placed ear seeds on the same spots but on the back of the ear, essentially sandwiching the pressure point between the seeds, and providing additional stimulation.

shoulder sandwich ear seeds

When the seeds were first applied the points were very tender and my ear felt hot and throbbing- an indication the points were active. When I pressed on them they hurt, so I knew I hit the right spots. I continued to press on them every 20 minutes or so to aggressively see if I could reduce my shoulder pain even though the pressing was a bit painful. Every time I stimulated the seeds I felt my shoulder loosen up a bit.


After applying, almost immediately, the sharpness of the pain loosened up about 30%.

Within a few hours 70-80% of the pain was gone and by 24 hours I was essentially pain free, and I didn’t miss a single class.

Let us know if shoulder pain is something you experience and if so, grab some ear seeds and try using these powerful points! You, like me, may be surprised by how effective they are!

Learn more by taking an ear seeds class.

In good health, Tova