Do you suffer from migraines? Have you been wondering if the daith piercing as a form of treatment for migraines can impact the benefits of auriculotherapy? We always hear this question so here is our viewpoint on it.

First, it is important to note that we are not experts in piercing. We want people to experience relief from migraines, so if it works for you, that is great!

With that being said, according to the principles of auriculotherapy, every point on the ear is connected to another part of the body. When you pierce your ear the structure of the ear is damaged and can cause interference to the message passageway. There may possibly be an initial beneficial reaction of the piercing to the point stimulated, but it is only short lived and the effects will fade

The point that is pierced is left damaged, can no longer be stimulated in the future, and the message passageway of adjacent points may also be hindered.

In addition, by damaging the auricular point, you lose the ability to reference the body’s health condition by observing the ear, which is a primary tool of Auriculotherapy. To learn more about that, click here

Also, keep in mind, that most people who pierce ears are generally not aware of auriculotherapy and its benefits. Some do not even know it exists!

Because of that, the pierced points aren’t necessarily based on the principles of auriculotherapy at all. For example, the popular daith piercing points are much closer to areas related to the mouth and intestines than any points traditionally stimulated for migraines or headache relief.

If you are wondering which areas of the ear are related to migraine relief please check out our Ear Chart Kits