A happy start of the new year to you and we hope your 2020 goals are still in place!

The most common goal of 2020 is…? Yup! People want to lose weight!
Not just for looks, but also general well-being, feeling good, staying healthy. 

Ear Seeds + Weight Loss is also a topic we are asked about very frequently.

ear seeds appetite and weight loss

ear seeds and weight loss

People wanna know:
Can ear seeds really help someone lose weight??

There’s actually also another common question about losing weight with ear seeds and I’ll get to that in a moment.

So can ear seeds really help one lose weight?
The answer is yes!
We have seen it over and over again with our customers and our students & graduates of our EarSeeds Training Course.

We receive many emails from people that they are thrilled to be losing weight with ear seeds.

Some tell us they lost 7 pounds in two weeks and others say they lost 52 pounds in five months and everything in between!

Here are some snapshots of some of them!

This one is from an individual customer who purchased a Weight Loss EarSeed Kit.

And here are a couple from our certified EarSeeds practitioners.

As you can see from those testimonials people are wearing the ear seeds for weeks and months at a time (changing them every week minimum, to fresh ones).

So why do some people not lose weight with ear seeds?

A big reason why some people don’t lose wight with ear seeds is because they give up too soon.
Believe it or not, we have received emails from some people saying “These ear seeds don’t work, I haven’t lost any weight”. We ask them how long have they been wearing them and they often reply… one week.

Everyone is different.

Although some people immediately feel a reduction in appetite and lose a few pounds within a couple of weeks, others take longer. Everyone is unique. The reason for your weight gain may be very different from another person who is losing weight faster or possibly even slower than you.

Maybe they started walking three times per week or maybe they shifted to eating certain healthy foods. Maybe they have a digestive issue or a thyroid issue. Or maybe they eat a lot of dessert.

The point is we are all different so results will vary, but giving up too soon isn’t the way to get results.

There is another reason why some people remove their ear seeds too quickly that’s not just based on overly expected results. It’s because it hurts!
Ear seeds are not just stickers! They apply pressure to sensitive areas of the ear and that may cause tenderness and pain.
Due to the pain, some people remove them, give up on them, and don’t want to go back to them.

It’s important to realize that the pain on the ear is directly related to your body and the ear pain fades as your body becomes healthier or heals. See this post on the relationship between ear seeds, ear pain, and your body, and what you can do about it

Now, let’s get to that other common question people ask.

Is there research backing this up?

Since you’re definitely now wondering the same thing I would like to share with you a study from the journal Australian Family Physician.

In this study, no one lost weight who received the placebo treatment.
95% of the people using ear seeds experienced a reduced appetite and lost weight!
Wanna read more about that? Check it out here. 
While you’re there you can browse through other studies we cite on our blog.

Need Help?
If you’re struggling with ear seeds to lose those extra pounds, or for anything else, consider seeing a training certified EarSeeds practitioner.