A healthy diet and exercise are the keys to weight loss, yet cravings can derail even those highly committed to shedding pounds. Auriculotherapy has proven to be effective in regulating hormones related to obesity, enhancing the body’s ability to break down nutrients, quelling hunger and reducing cravings. By addressing key acupuncture points, ear seeds bring the body, mind and spirit into balance for optimal health.

An eight-week study conducted by Korean researchers divided subjects into three groups. The first group received auriculotherapy treatments focused on five acupuncture points and needles were adhered to the ear for one week periods, only one point was stimulated in the second group and the needles were immediately removed and the third group received sham ear acupuncture.

After only four weeks, the first group experienced a 6.1% decrease in body mass index (BMI), the second group saw a 5.7% fall in BMI, while there was no difference in BMI among those that received sham auriculotherapy. At the conclusion of the study, only the first group lost body fat as well.

The weight loss kit from Earseeds.com contains small black seeds from the vaccaria plant on adhesive tape. You simply affix the seeds to the points detailed in the weight loss protocol and stimulate them throughout the day to exert mild pressure. Use auriculotherapy to lessen appetite, increase metabolism, fight cravings and help control the emotional behaviors that spark overeating. Combine ear seeds with a healthy lifestyle and you will be on the path to lasting weight loss.