Insomnia is characterized as an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, waking up too early in the morning or experiencing unrefreshing sleep. For some, it can be a chronic problem. A lack of quality sleep can cause irritability, impaired motor function, concentration deficits, a lack of energy and even depression. According to Web MD, between a third and half of all Americans experience insomnia or poor sleep.

Sleep medications are a short-term solution. They can be dangerous and users often experience side effects. Ear seeds are a lasting, natural way to get relief. Certain points on the ear are directly correlated with the mechanisms of the body that regulate sleep. Ear seeds stimulate these points to help keep your body’s natural rhythm on track.

A review of studies published in Clinical Geriatric Medicine, examined research on a variety of complimentary and alternative medicine treatments for insomnia in older adults. The article mentioned studies conducted using medicinal ear seeds to apply pressure to relevant points on the ear. Subjects who received auriculotherapy experienced improvements in “sleep latency and sleep efficiency, with an overall increase of approximately 35 minutes in the total sleep time.” At a six-month follow-up, the treatment group still had reduced insomnia symptoms as compared to the control groups. offers a kit designed for insomnia. The seeds are simple to use thanks to a detailed, illustrated protocol. Adhere the seeds to the appropriate points on the ear and apply pressure every few hours for a time-release effect. Visit our online shop today to experience improved sleep in a safe, holistic manner.