According to the School of Medicine at Washington University St. Louis it’s estimated 17.5 million Americans are affected by some form of depression and 9.2 million Americans have major or clinical depression. The World Health Organization forecasts that by 2020 depression will be the number two cause of “loss of healthy life” worldwide.

While treatment can alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life, nearly two-thirds of those suffering from the condition do not seek appropriate treatment. Research is showing ear acupressure, such as the use of ear seeds, can be a safe, natural way to improve depression.

Many individuals suffering from depression are put off by the side effects of medications, but ear seeds are a simple, side effect-free way to address the condition in the comfort of your own home. Auricular therapy allows you to play a direct role in your own healing, which is an extremely powerful component of recovery.

A study examined patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), as depression can trigger breathlessness. 44 subjects were randomly assigned to either a true acupressure group using the correct points or a sham acupressure group. The program lasted four weeks. True acupressure significantly improved depressive symptoms as compared to the sham group.

The study’s author wrote acupressure, “may lessen chronic dyspnea and depression.” In addition, stimulating acupressure points produced relaxation.

Since the ear is considered the switchboard to the brain, the auricular acupressure points are extremely effective, particularly for conditions such as depression. Ear seeds offer the benefits of the acupressure discussed in the study in a more targeted way. offers a depression ear seed kit. The package contains a detailed graphic protocol to show you exactly where to adhere the seeds. Don’t let your depression go unchecked. Start your journey to wellness today.