Planning a trip this summer? ☀️

Don’t forget to pack some ear seeds!

Jet lag, motion sickness and flight anxiety can take the fun out of traveling, but there’s a natural way to mitigate symptoms before they ruin your vacation.

Here are three ways to keep calm and carry-on with ear seeds:

1. Jet lag. Ear seeds have been shown to help the body adjust to new time zones by activating the pineal gland, which regulates sleep/wake cycles and melatonin production.

Use our Sleep/Insomnia protocol to reset your internal body clock so you aren’t feeling fatigued when you get to your destination. 

2. Motion sickness. When your inner ear senses movement but your body thinks it’s stationary, mixed signals in the brain produce sensations like vertigo, nausea, and head pain. 😵‍💫

Our Motion Sickness and Dizziness protocols identify points associated with the inner ear’s vestibular system. Use them to place your ear seeds before takeoff for balance and equilibrium!

3. Anxiety.  Traveling somewhere unfamiliar for the first time is stressful enough without long lines, crowded planes, and TSA.

Don’t let it get to you — ear seeds have been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and panic by slowing down the fight-or-flight response through the vagus nerve.

Our Stress/Anxiety protocol indicates points that calm down the sympathetic nervous system and amp up feelings of tranquility and confidence. 

 Ear Acupressure Essentials Set with 23-Chart Ring of Cards

With the right placement charts, you can use ear seeds to breeze through baggage claim.

Get illustrated protocols for Sleep/Insomnia, Motion Sickness, Dizziness, and Stress/Anxiety plus 19 more in our all-in-one Ear Acupressure Essentials Set!