Research shows that 15 minutes of vagus nerve stimulation a day can significantly reduce stress levels by taming the body’s fight-or-flight response.

Interestingly, the only part of the human body where the vagus nerve can be accessed from the surface is on the ears. 

It might seem out of place, but the body is full of unexpected connections.

Chronic stress starts in our brain but it doesn’t end there. Over time, it can wreak havoc on our immunity, fertility, metabolism, heart health, even digestion.

The sympathetic nervous system picks up on fear and responds accordingly, sending a signal through the vagus nerve that travels from the brain to the stomach, where it inhibits the digestive process to conserve energy.

Yikes — if the goal is go with your gut, you might want to get out of your head!

Ear seeds can help restore balance and resume processes like digestion by telling the nervous system to chill out and stop overreacting. This slows down the fight-or-flight response and lets your body do its business.

It all comes down to that unique auricular access point where the vagus nerve is found.

Meet Point Zero, the “Goldilocks Zone” that promotes homeostasis, maintains autonomic balance and supports communication in the gut-brain axis.

Ear seeding at Point Zero can improve vagal tone and contribute to a more balanced nervous system. With proper stimulation, the vagus nerve can recalibrate its overactive fight-or-flight response and free up energy for digestion, circulation, respiration, information processing — even cell repair and regrowth.

This point coordinates interactions in the gut-brain axis, which means it can be used to mitigate physical symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stomach ulcers, and colitis, as well as emotional issues like anxiety, trauma, panic, and stress.

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