Ear Seeds for Back Pain

Hiya, Tova here! 

Thursday Morning: I thought I’d just slept funny.

Not funny “haha” but the kind of funny that leaves you with the kinda back pain that makes you feel like you’ve aged 30 years in 30 minutes. 

So, after hobbling around the office for about 4 hours it finally occurred to me to put on some ear seeds. You would think this is my first instinct. 

Humans are funny. Like the shoemaker’s kids that walk around with no shoes. 

I decided to record myself applying the ear seeds… sorta video-diary of WILL EAR SEEDS WORK to help this horrible back pain?!?

Now, between you and me, we’ve been doing this ear seeds thing for over 8 years now and I STILL sometimes question it! 

Day after day, year after year we constantly hear from people who have experienced life-changing results from using ear seeds on themselves, or on clients and patients in their wellness practices or businesses…. And yet STILL when I think of using ear seeds for anything other than stress and anxiety (which I use them for frequently) my NY skepticism pops in and I wonder “Yeah, but really? Really?” 

And each and every time I end up like “Woah. Yeah. Really.”

So here’s what happened:

I put them on my right ear to start. You can watch in the video, I followed the chart in our Lower back pain/ sciatica kit and clustered them around the triangular fossa.

Let me tell you. It was tender. Like, super tender. 

I think that’s one of the things about ear seeds that gets me every single time. It’s like fascinating magic backed by science… 

When I put on ear seeds for stress, or, more frequently, for pictures to post on our social media, there is basically no tenderness in my ears. Zero.

But if I hurt myself, when I pull a muscle or sprain my ankle, those same points are SUPER TENDER. 

It’s honestly mind-blowing. 

So as soon as I put on the seeds – like immediately – I felt the pain in my back loosen up a bit. 

Now, I’m not gonna lie. 

You think it’s in your head. 

You think “this has got to be placebo.”

But then you’re like “but really, it just feels looser… is it possible?”

The pain I was feeling was in the center, bottom of my back. 

A few hours after I seeded the right ear, the pain was still very intense so I went ahead and seeded the left ear. 

Once again – those spots were SUPER tender. 

You can see when I put them on, my face was not exactly screaming “I’m ready for my close-up.”


Despite the initial “loosening up” that I felt immediately after applying the seeds, after a few hours the pain was still pretty intense. 

In complete transparency, I took two advil. 

I almost never take advil. And those are the only two I took throughout this whole ordeal. And they didn’t really help at all.

That night I lay in bed in a lot of pain. 

Both my back and my ears were thumpy. My ears were warm. It hurt to lay on my side so I removed the seeds on my right ear so I could try and get some sleep. 

I figured I’d put fresh ones on in the morning. 

(Spoiler alert: I didn’t end up putting new ones on… don’t ask me why, but I didn’t.) 

Anyhoooo, it was the next morning (Friday) when I woke up and realized it wasn’t that I’d just slept funny, it was that I’d done some uncoordinated moves with too-heavy weights in my bootcamp on Wednesday and definitely injured my back. 

With that realization I conceded that it was gonna be a while till the pain subsided. 

Friday wasn’t great. There was a fair amount of pain. Left ear where I was wearing the seeds was still tender but when I pressed them, I was able to stretch out my back without it killing me. It seemed like a fair trade. 

Saturday wasn’t terrible. The pain came and went, getting worse at night. Elie gave me a 5 minute lower back massage and that helped. 

And the tenderness on my ear was fading too. 

Sunday was a little less painful overall and when I squeezed the ear seeds on my ear the pain in my back would loosen more. 

The loosening pain that happens with the point massaging isn’t like, a permanent loosening… it’s just an immediate moment of relief that slowly seems to build upon itself. 

And then, this morning, Monday, I woke up 100% pain-free. 

I’ve still got the ear seeds on my left ear, but the ear is 100% not tender. (I filmed the video about 4 hours ago when one seed was still a tiny bit tender. It’s not now. Neither is my back. 

I’ll probably wear the earseeds through the night (going on Day 5!) and remove them in the morning. 

Would the pain have dissipated so quickly and completely in a few days without the ear seeds? Obviously, it’s impossible to know. 

I know in the past when I’ve had similar injuries and not used ear seeds, the pain would last far longer, and also often get worse before it gets better. That didn’t happen. The pain only moved in the direction of feeling better. 

I feel really grateful that this episode passed as smoothly and quickly as it did, knowing it could’ve been so much worse. 

If you’re curious to learn more about WHY ear seeds work, check out our free webinar and take a stroll through our classes and EarSeeds Certificate training Program at EarSeeds Academy