Did you know that The World Health Organization says that auriculotherapy can treat over 150 health conditions?

While hopefully, no individual has THAT many issues that need to be addressed, there are a number of very common conditions for which people frequently seek ear seed treatments.

Today we’re going to dive into the top three… 

1. Pain
Pain of all types. It could be shoulder pain, knee pain, even sciatica pain!
The reason why ear seeds are very popular when it comes to treating pain is that it works fast!

The reason why it works so fast is because of the direct connection of the ear to the nervous system.

Stimulating the ear with ear seeds immediately sends out signals from the nerve branches to the brain which regulates sensory information and alleviates the pain. Sometimes 20-year-old pain can be alleviated in minutes!

2. Obesity
Weight loss is another common reason people seek out ear seeds.

Ear seeds stimulate ear points to help regulate your appetite and reduce cravings.

More and more studies are concluding that ear seeds are a great addition to your weight loss efforts. 

Ear seeds don’t only help to reduce one’s appetite and hunger but there are also points on the ear to help with certain health conditions that could be contributing to your weight gain such as thyroid disorders, digestive issues and also hormonal imbalances.

3. Anxiety and Stress
Anxiety and stress is the third reason to get ear seeds and often gets super-fast results.

Our EarSeeds Certified Practitioners are helping SO MANY people with this!

Ear seeds can balance the sympathetic nervous system, regulate stress hormones such as cortisol, and strongly calm and relax the mind body and spirit with points such as Shen Men (Spirit Gate), Sympathetic and Adrenal Glands points and a point on the ear we discussed in last weeks article called the Tranquilizer Point.

You can use our condition-specific ear chart kits for these conditions or visit a Certified EarSeeds Practitioner who can get below the surface and work on a more customized care plan for you.

Or, YOU can also become a Certified EarSeeds Practitioner yourself!