Who doesn’t love a sense of certainty? Whether you’re a full-blown control freak or someone who lives in the moment, pretty much everyone agrees: it’s easier to make decisions when you’re sure of yourself!

It helps to feel confident that your ear seeds will stay put after placement, but as the seasons change you might find that your usual routines just aren’t cutting it. Warm weather, humidity, and excess oils produced during high-intensity activity can loosen the bond between your seeds and your skin.

Why take chances?

Get the most out of each and every ear seed by updating your approach. These three easy application tips will keep your ear seeds locked and loaded while boosting your sense of security.

1. Alcohol. No, not for drinking. For cleaning the surface of your ear so it’s completely free of any dirt, wax, or oil. Make sure the alcohol is dry before moving on!

2. Super Stay EarSeed Adhesive. This new product works like magic. Using a Q-tip, spread a little on your ear before you place the ear seed. Again, let it dry, otherwise, your ear will be too slippery to grip the tape.

3. Pressure. After setting your seed, hold it in place without moving it and apply pressure for about 5-10 seconds. The tape is pressure sensitive so that extra amount of time will really help it stick.

You can wear your EarSeeds in the pool and in the shower. When they’re wet, simply tap them down for a second or don’t touch them at all. The adhesive will reconstitute and stick back on the ear in most cases!

If you’re using Super Stay EarSeed Adhesive, we recommend manually removing your ear seeds after five days to let your skin rejuvenate.

Wait a few hours before replacing old ear seeds with new ones. If you’re running low, stock up here!

Try these ear seed application tips for a long-lasting hold — you’ll notice the difference.