A few months back I received a phone call from a practitioner that uses our EarSeeds and he told me about something unexpected and pretty damn awesome that he experienced when using our products.

When he told me his story, I got that reaction where the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I got a little choked up. (Full disclosure, I’m the type that gets choked up at kleenex commercials so that’s not such a rare thing…. but still.) 

I’ve found that in the months since that conversation I’ve repeated his story over and over again. And I’m always met with an acknowledgement of understanding, because SO MANY PEOPLE who use our products can relate. 

So, what was this practitioners story? 

Well, apparently one of the things he does as an acupuncturist to give back in his community is volunteer at a local addiction center.

Acupuncture and Ear Seeds have been shown to offer tremendous help when dealing with cravings and addictions of all sorts, and volunteering his time in this way is something he’s been doing for years. 

He shared with me that he has long been putting vaccaria ear seeds on people at the center and they love it because functionally the ear seeds help them. 

But a few weeks prior he’d shown up in his usual time slot and instead of just vaccaria, he’d brought along some of our 24k & Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds. 

And what he experienced blew him away. 

On this particular day, he found that the women at the clinic, the ones he’d been treating with vaccaria, were over the moon when they saw the sparkle!

He was thrilled to see that patients that had avoided ear seeds treatments previously started lining up to get a little bit of the bling! 

He saw smiles on their faces and when he showed them their ears after their EarSeeds application they truly “lit up.” 

These are women that haven’t had it easy. 

As a practitioner he felt amazing that he was able to not only offer them a powerful modality, but deliver it with a tool that had a powerful secondary effect as well. 

In his own words he said “When you can do such a little thing to make a woman feel beautiful, that alone has it’s own healing powers.”

Now, for us, it’s one thing when Gwyneth Paltrow and all the inspiring and influential IG wellness bloggers crush on our crystal EarSeeds. It’s amazing and we’re filled with gratitude for those moments. 

But when a regular woman, struggling through a challenging experience in a very real-life scenario can find a moment of light and beauty because of a little sparkly EarSeed…. that really goes to my core. THAT is the reason I do this. 

I conceived these crystal EarSeeds way back when we founded this business because I am a passionate believer in the power of color and sparkle on the outside being a bridge to our inner light. (Seriously, I legit gave a TedXTalk about it back in 2013, before we created EarSeeds- maybe I’ll show you the video one day. 🙂 )

So to hear how it’s doing just that –connecting people to their inner light-  in the hands of real people and practitioners across the country- even the world… it’s sorta a big deal.

But anyway, as I heard myself repeating this story for the umpteenth time on a call with a customer this week I decided I wanted to share the story with you. Because I KNOW every single one of you has people around you who could use a little dose of light on the outside to help them connect to their light on the inside. And also, they probably have headaches, stress, pains, and some of that other stuff we use EarSeeds for… 

Check out our Swarovski Crystal products and add a little light into your life.

xo, Tova