THRIVE 40 Pc. Clear Tape “Invisible” 24-Karat Gold Ear Seeds


40 PC. 24K Gold-plated ear pellets (2 strips, individually wrapped) on clear, latex-free adhesive tape.

Includes directions and a chart for balance and well-being.

Perfect to wear or gift to your loved ones.

  • Contains Nickel

Ideal to pair with our Swarovski Crystal-embellished EarSeeds, for a touch of sparkle.


Beautifully packaged in our 24K Gold EarSeeds Box with each strip safely packaged individually in clear sleeves to keep the adhesive fresh and the EarSeeds easily accessible. Perfect for storing away from sunlight or gift-giving.

Why 24 Karat Gold?

In traditional Chinese medicine, different metals are believed to inhabit different healing characteristics. Gold is known for its tonification properties and its ability to sustain and restore harmony to the body.

This item does not contain tweezers. Add on tweezers to help with easy and precise application.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz