Sparkle More Holiday Cards 6-Pack


Our Sparkle More Holiday Cards are the most creative, memorable & USEFUL cards you can send this Holiday Season!

Whether you are a wellness practitioner who has used Ear Seeds in your clinic or you just love these powerful little pellets and want to share them with everyone you adore this Holiday Season, grab these Cards before inventory dwindles and prices increase.

Each Card includes 20, 24K gold Ear Seeds plus an easy-to-follow chart with SEVEN fantastic mood-boosting points, so your people can play with different points & pick the ones that they prefer!

Sold in packs of SIX! Includes complete instructions and mailing envelopes! (Costs no more than a regular card to send)

(Note from Tova: PLEASE don’t wait to purchase… we ALWAYS get late-date requests that we can’t fulfill. It stresses me out and makes me feel bad when I have to tell people we’re out of inventory. 😕 )
Price thru:
October: $60/6PC ($10/pc)
November: $66/6PC ($11/pc)
December: $72/6PC  ($12/pc)

Packaged for resale?

All pre-packs include 6 cards & envelopes. If you intend to resell them, we can pre-pack each cards/envelope pair in a clear sleeve for ease of sale & display.

Additional information

Weight 9 oz