Kids Kit Charts: 12-Pack (Limited Offer)


Back-to-school Season is here! Help your clients’ to help their kids with this stressful transition period by snagging a 12-pack of these Kid Kit Charts!
Simple fold-up chart includes ear acupressure points for all the common ailments that kids face. We’re talking:

  • Emotional and Behavioral support
  • Digestion support for stomach aches
  • Common cold and Immunity support.
  • PLUS a bunch of holistic tips to help reinforce healthy outcomes

And guess what? All the charts are good for adults too.
Pair these charts with Simple Single Strips for a fantastic Back-to-school offer for parents & kids!

Add on Simple Singles?

12 simply yet beautifully, individually packed Ear Seeds Strips make it easy to pair a chart with the ear seed style of choice. Purchase through the add-on below and save. (Your WS code will reduce prices shown)