FREE 24K Gold Ear Seeds w/ Stress Chart


You’ve read about them, seen them all over social media, maybe you’ve even tried them before! Well, through this limited-time invitation we want to send you 20, 24 Karat Gold Ear Seeds, for FREE!

What are ear seeds? Ear Seeds are tiny acupressure pellets that are affixed to specific points on the ear. They stimulate powerful nerve endings, sending messages to the brain, encouraging homeostasis in the body. Whether physical or emotional, internal or external, there are points on the ear related to every part of the body.

This free offer comes complete with our signature 3-point protocol designed to help you feel calm and centered, and you can add on additional charts or Ear Seeds in the options below at tremendous savings. PLUS all orders ship with a free inspirational sticker!

Limit ONE free set per order while supplies last.


  • Contains Nickel

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