6 PC. Prepack: SPARK’D Singles


SPARK’D EarSeeds are about fashion-first designs and empowering messaging that SPARKS creativity and bold self-expression.

Designed for color-obsessed maximalists who don’t necessarily see themselves represented by traditional wellness brands.

This Swinging Singles Six Pack was designed to resell in your practice or store. Assortment includes:

24K Gold EarSeeds (3)
Clear Swarovski EarSeeds (1)
Rainbow Swarovski Crystal EarSeeds (1)
Swarovski Pearl EarSeeds (1)

Each little Spark Plug Package includes one strip of 24K Gold ear seeds (20 pc.), galactic rainbow steel tweezers, complete instructions, master point placement chart for a variety of common conditions + extra goodies like stickers and inspo cards.


Strips are individually packed to retain freshness. Store away from sunlight or extreme temperatures. 

Latex-free. Metal pellets may contain trace amounts of nickel.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

6 PC. 24K Gold EarSeeds, 6 PC. Assorted EarSeeds