6 PC. Prepack: Invisible Stainless Steel Multi-Condition EarSeeds Kit


Universal packaging sits beautifully in any retail environment. These retail-ready sets include our 5 most popular charts all bundled into one, easy-to-use multi-condition kit.

In this kit, you’ll receive:

  • 40 pc. Stainless Steel Ear Seeds
  • Precision Gold Tweezers
  • Charts for
    • Weight Loss
    • Back Pain/Sciatica
    • Headaches/Migraine
    • Stress/Anxiety
    • Sleep/Insomnia
    • Wellness + Bonus Shen Men Chart
  • Long-Lasting, Latex-Free Invisible Tape
  • Complete Instructions

P.S. it makes a great gift too! 


Elevate your ear acupressure! Our exceptional stainless steel ear seeds feature:

  • Long-lasting, latex-free invisible tape for an inconspicuous appearance
  • Waterproof design that lasts through showering, swimming, and daily activity
  • Versatile size that fits even the smallest of ears. Great for kids!
  • Comfortable hold that typically stays in place for 2-4 days
These kits are designed for educational purposes only.
No claims to therapeutic or curative properties of any treatment or modality are being made.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz