12 PC. Prepack: Simple Singles


Wanna send your clients home with backup ear seeds “just in case”? These individually packaged strips are perfect for replacing old ear seeds with new ones in between appointments!

If your client is going on vacation and won’t be back to see you for several weeks, offer them a fresh strip of ear seeds they can travel with as an easy, affordable add-on. Beautifully sealed in our sleek & protective slide-open packaging.

Sold in sets of 12- Includes FREE Clear Display Stand with foil accent!
Option A: 12 pc. 24K gold singles
Option B: 12 pc. assorted (6 pc. 24K gold, 3 clear crystal, 3 rainbow crystal)

Add-On Additional resellable Acessories

Include free stand? * 


Suggested Retail for Simple Singles is as follows:

Strips are individually packed to retain freshness. Store away from sunlight or extreme temperatures. 

Latex-free. Metal pellets may contain trace amounts of nickel.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

12 PC. 24K Gold, 12 PC. 24K Gold + Assorted