Why do we love ear massage so much?

Auriculotherapy is so accessible –  it is easy to do and requires no tools (other than your hands) and you can feel its benefits right away. Auriculotherapy, also referred to as Auricular Therapy, is kind of like reflexology, The ears are a microsystem of the entire body, which means  each part of the ear mirrors a different part of the body. Due to its high level of accessibility, this auricular microsystem can be used to treat health conditions affecting all parts of the body. 

The whole body uses the nervous system to communicate. There are at least 4 major nerve branches on the surface of the ear. These nerves correspond with different parts of the body, and when stimulated, send messages to the brain that in turn sends neurological signals to the spinal cord, which then sends them on to distal body parts.

But you don’t need to be a Microsystem expert to benefit from ear massage!

 It doesn’t have to feel daunting. Whenever you rub your ears, you activate many acupressure points that go through the ears and into your whole body…and it feels good. However, learning the anatomy and body map of the ear can add a new level of healing to self massage. As you grow to understand more about the ear and the intricate microsystem, you can develop a more targeted self massage practice that addresses more specific conditions, not just general well-being. 

Want to introduce a more systematic approach to ear massage and begin to work work on specific conditions, such as:

  • Weight Loss

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Back Pain

  • & so many more?

All of these conditions can be addressed with auricular therapy & ear massage, you just need to know the right points. Our completely FREE 5 Days of Ear Massage Challenge will get you started addressing the most requested conditions and understanding how knowledge of the ear can help you! After taking this challenge, you’ll have a new tool for your selfcare toolbox.