Hello Practitioners and Therapists!

You’ve seen how our Swarovski Crystal EarSeeds engage and excite your clients and patients, and we know that giving your client or patient an amazing experience is super important to you.

That’s why we are always looking for ways to help you elevate their experience.

Small details and special touches really send the message that you are committed to creating a memorable and healing experience for them.

That’s what we were thinking about when we decided to add this new offering to our practitioners!

We are super excited to announce personalized packaging for your 24K Gold and Swarovski Crystal EarSeeds!

How fun and special will it be the next time you pull out your Swarovski Crystal EarSeeds and they are beautifully branded to match your spa or clinic? 

Now you can order TWO practitioner favorites with Custom Private Label Art!

Our 40 Packs and Custom Minis (4 per pack) can be made exactly the way you like them, and you can even add on Custom Colored Swarovski Crystals for a unique look that matches your brand!

Each season Swarovski introduces new colors so you can find just the right colored crystal for you. What a great branding piece to use on your clients!

With low minimums, we made this option accessible to everyone.

Click Here to learn more about our custom private label options.

Let us help you kick off 2019 with new Private Label Products to WOW your patients and clients!