I was just asked about using ear seeds with children and what kind of results you can achieve with kids, which reminded me of this story…

A mother of an eight year old girl contacted us to let us know that her daughter, who is normally very hyper, unable to focus & unable to calm herself, saw all those symptoms disappear in just a few hours!

Her exact words were

“I can’t believe it!! My daughter has been so calm during homework and dinner, and now playing a game … and she’s so so calm!”

What did she do?

She did this

“I tried ear seeds on my 8 year old daughter this week and the results were mind blowing.”

She stimulated auricular points using EarSeeds.com 24K Gold Chakra colored Swarovski crystal ear pellets. The points on her ear used were a combination of a few points from the anxiety and insomnia ear chart kits.

Those, along with many others are found in our Kids EarSeed Kit which is great to have in your medicine cabinet!

She went on to say that her daughter’s friends thought the ear pellets were fun and attractive and her eight year old felt confident wearing them.

Whether you’re young or old, ear seeds can help you in many ways!

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