People ask us all the time if ear seeds can be used on kids, and the answer is a resounding YES!

There are so many reasons people might use ear seeds on kids and in fact, most of the EarSeed placement charts in our Condition-Specific Kits will work regardless of the wearers age, but there are some kid-specific conditions that respond really well to ear seeds!

Have a hyperactive child that can’t sit still to focus and get their homework done? Does your child’s anxiety lead to tantrums and meltdowns?

A mother of an eight year old girl contacted us to let us know that her daughter, who is normally very hyper, unable to focus & unable to calm herself, saw all those symptoms disappear in just a few hours!

Her exact words were

“I can’t believe it!! My daughter has been so calm during homework and dinner, and now playing a game … and she’s so so calm!”

What did she do?

She did this

“I tried ear seeds on my 8 year old daughter this week and the results were mind blowing.”

She stimulated auricular points using 24K Gold Chakra colored Swarovski crystal ear pellets.

EarSeeds are small acupressure pellets  (No needles! No puncture!) that are applied non-invasively to the surface of the ear almost like a little sticker. The Crystals are decorative and underneath each one is a tiny, 24 karat gold plated pellet.

It’s the pellet that applies the pressure!

With hundreds of nerve-endings that communicate directly to the brain, the ear is a powerful microsystem! Stimulating specific points on the ear can have an immediate impact throughout the body- for issues both physical and emotional.

EarSeeds are a GREAT option for kids since there are no needles and they can wear them for a few days at a time.

It’s also amazing to see how kids respond to ear seeds – while some adults may approach EarSeeds and Ear Acupressure with skepticism, kids- who just think they’re pretty and might not even know what they’re being used for, respond just the same!

You can find the combination of points on this girl’s ear inside the anxiety and insomnia ear chart kits.

Those, along with many others are found in our Kids EarSeed Kit which is great to have in your medicine cabinet and has protocols for emotional & behavioral support, tummy aches, stuffy nose and so many more kid-specific issues!

This mom went on to say that her daughter’s friends thought the ear pellets were fun and cool and her eight year old felt confident wearing them.

Whether you’re young or old, ear seeds can help you in many ways!

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Check out this little snippit from a very chaotic trade show where we put a fun Ear Seed on a kid who was there “working” her mom’s booth all day…