Will it still work if you’re close by?

This is a question we hear a lot – when placing an ear seed on the ear, how close do you have to get to the point? What if you “miss” the point completely?

So the answer to that question is, the closer you get to the point the better, BUT you can still get results if you don’t hit the point exactly. 

I’ll give you an example. Recently I joined a gym, a boot camp style gym, and the workouts are exhausting!

We were doing shoulder exercises and I pulled my shoulder. It hurt and it was too difficult to do the rest of the exercises of the class.

So I put ear seeds on the shoulder points on the ear. I covered the area on and around the shoulder points – you can take a look at the picture.


PLUS I placed ear seeds on the exact points on the posterior side of the ear to sandwich them together and I pressed them throughout the day. Boy did my ear hurt but my shoulder pain was all better within 24 hours!

So what does this have to do with getting the points on the exact spots or not? 

Those points I hit the right spots BUT over the course of the previous 2 weeks I had pain in my wrist area, probably from too much computer work. I ignored it because it wasn’t all the time and not so bad although noticeable every day.

But what’s interesting is that not only did my shoulder injury get completely better, my wrist pain got about 80% relief too!! And the wrist point is located up over here quite a distance from the shoulder point.

So even though it’s best to get as close to the point as possible for best results, this clearly shows that you can get NEAR the point and get some relief without having to be so worried about getting a direct hit! This will also depend on the nerve branch distribution on the ear so some points you may have to get a bit closer than that.

Afterwards I placed the ear seeds more directly on my wrist point and in about one week all the pain was gone.

Our condition-specific kits come with an ear map of the ear points that correspond to that condition so you will have an easy to use guide that shows you where on the ear to place the ear seeds. You can check out all 20 condition specific kits here.