The benefits of ear seeds have been known for centuries,

and it has never been easier to experience.

Condition Specific
Ear Chart Kits
Condition Specific ear Chart Kits
Contains ear chart showing auriculotherapy points associated with specific condition, vaccaria ear seeds, and a stainless steel tweezer. Everything you need to learn proper ear seed placement.

Meets Auriculotherapy
Aromatherapy Meets Auriculotherapy
Essential oil infused ear seeds. Peppermint, orange, and lavender scented vaccaria ear seeds. By inviting multiple senses to work together we create an enhanced holistic healing experience.

Ear Seeds
Beads, and Pellets
Ear Seeds
All natural vaccaria ear seeds with long lasting adhesive tape. Also known as non-invasive acupuncture seeds. Also clear tape available plus crystal ear pellets!

 Swarovski Crystal
Ear Pellets
crystals ear seed pellets
Our Swarovski Crystal embellished gold pellets can be used in conjunction with our condition-specific ear chart kits to make a sophisticated yet holistic, fashion-forward statement.

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