We have had so many requests for a knee and hip pain kit we are excited to have just released our brand new Knee & Hip Pain Ear Seeds Kit!

We wanted to share with you why we created this kit and why it’s so effective.

There was a research study out of Taiwan to see if ear seeds can help those with post-operative knee pain due to degenerative arthritis of the knee.

And then there was another study in Austria that evaluated the use of ear seeds to treat hip pain and fracture.

Overall, the groups that received the ear seeds had less pain and less need for pain relieving drugs than the non-ear seed group.

Great starting points for knee pain would be the auricular Knee joint point.

And for hip pain the hip joint point.

Although these research studies used very few auricular points, with our Knee & Hip Pain kit we added some extra points that have been shown to further help these conditions, that can be VERY useful for more complicated cases.