Happy Back-To-School Season!

Despite the plethora of images of smiling, happy-faced kids holding up signs reading “First Day of Second/ Third / Fifth / Ninth Grade!”  the truth is, going back to school is a very stressful time for children. Between new schedules and routines, not to mention acclimating to new teachers and elevated expectations, it’s no wonder the start of the school year is marked by stress and anxiety- for kids and their parents!
For some kids, all this nervousness and anxiety can lead to secondary stress effects- namely constant and chronic nail biting. When that happens, not only is your child suffering from anxiety issues but now also has some health risks from the nail biting as well.

Nail-biting increases the risk of infection of the skin around the nail and harming their teeth. This will also increase their risk of getting colds and respiratory infections due to carrying germs from their fingers to their mouth. (as if Back-To-School germs alone weren’t enough!)
Ear seeds can help your child cut back on their nail biting habit by naturally reducing their anxiety.

Kam Gentry, trauma specialist and EarSeeds Certified practitioner from Fort Collins, CO treats many children with ear seeds. She says “I treat children all the time for anxiety. …Children need tools to assist them when they are anxious in their world. Ear seeds have been a tremendous help for these children.”
Melisa Figueroa in Winchester, VA – social worker and a student of the EarSeeds Certification Program has had success using ear seeds on her kid patients… after a short period familiarizing them with what the seeds are and how they work, they come back to her asking for new ones week after week!

What about research studies?

You know we love to share with you the proof… Well, here’s a summary of a research study documented in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine:

This study had 83 nail biters ranging in age from 8-12 years old.

They divided them into three groups. One group only receiving habit reversal therapy.

The other two groups either had real ear seeds placed on auricular points for the purpose of reducing anxiety or placebo ear seeds where the ear seeds were not focused on anxiety ear points.

They all received this treatment over a period of two months, then had a two-month break before beginning treatment again for two more months where they each had the alternative protocol.

Those receiving the real ear seeds treatment showed a significant positive result in reducing their anxiety and reversing their nail-biting habit.

Think ear seeds might help your kids – or you – handle stress and minimize nail-biting?
Our Stress and Anxiety kits will show you where to find those points on kids or adults. 
And our Kids Kit will give you insight into a variety of points that address anxiety and other behavioral issues that kids often deal with. 

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