Whether it’s mid term week for you, a big work deadline, or just day to day tasks, focus and concentration are a crucial part of getting things done. Being able to channel all of that mental energy in one place isn’t always easy,  and many people are looking to Ear Seeds to aid in improving mental clarity and memory retention.

As your deadline approaches, your first instinct may be to look to caffeine as a quick pick me up, but it can do very little to improve your cognition. And then that soaring caffeine high is often followed by an energy crash, making you even less likely to retain anything useful while studying.

If you are like us, you may wonder if there is a natural solution that will help you focus, improve memory and help you get through those long study sessions. This is where the Ear Seeds for Focus & Memory come in!

For centuries, Ear pressure points have been used as a natural aid that boosts overall cognitive abilities. This even has it’s own name – auricular therapy. The constant pressure can refresh your mind and improve mental acuity and memory. Our Focus and Memory Kit teaches you six different placement points to improve cognitive abilities and keep your mind fresh!

This wisdom from centuries of traditional Chinese medicine comes together with practiced mindfulness to help influence memory and boost your confidence to ace your mid-term  or help you stop locking your keys in the car.

Can’t wait to get started? Many memory training experts recommend improving your memory with thought association. By associating the subject you want to remember with visualization, memory, or a physical sensation, it can help attach these thoughts in your mind in a more tangible way.  Combing this association technique with applying pressure on the Master Cerebral (it is located where the earlobe connects to the face), can help give you that superpower boost!