Chronic headaches and migraines are one of the most common conditions in the world. Despite being so widespread and well-studied, 15% of Americans still suffer from them.

A hallmark symptom is throbbing pain concentrated on one or both sides of the head that lasts anywhere from hours to days.

The persistent nature of these headaches can give the impression that relief is permanently out of reach. It doesn’t help that medications often come with side effects that make problems worse or trigger new ones altogther.

Fortunately, a non-invasive modality like auriculotherapy can provide immediate and lasting reprieve without complication.

Ear seeds put light, continuous pressure on the surface of your ear, stimulating specific nerve endings that send signals to your brain where pain is perceived. They can also help to reduce eye strain and restore balance, alleviating symptoms like vertigo and nausea.

The area most correlated with headache and migraine is called the antitragus. This section sits just above your earlobe and points inward, toward the canal. It defines a constellation of four major points associated with sensory perception, vestibular balance, and sensation in the head, neck, and temples.


Located at the base of the antitragus wall is the Thalamus Point, best for targeting general pain. The Thalamus is your brain’s information relay station and is responsible for translating external events into internal experiences. Because it plays such a fundamental role in delivering messages to sensory organs, the Thalamus is the ideal starting point for targeting headaches.

Applying pressure here can filter out disruptive sensory impulses and prevent the “information overload” that causes pain, tension, and dizziness.

This can have a diffusive effect on all parts of the body.

Ear seeds can be applied before or after the onset of a headache. If symptoms start while your ear seeds are on, gently massage the antitragus area for 10-15 seconds to amplify the pressure. 

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P.S. If you ever have a killer headache, but no ear seeds handy, here’s a hack! Use your fingernail to apply pressure to the antitragus area.

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