About 8 hours after having her first child, a seemingly healthy female named Brittany started experiencing pseudo-seizures. Why? No doctor knew. Even after she traveled the country, meeting with specialist after specialist, this new mom was left in the dark as to why her new life wasnt about her baby boy but about controlling her ten to twenty pseudo-seizures a day. 

Seven years ago Brittany, who is now 29, started this journey to figure out why she was having pseudo-seizures. Before the seizures, she was a bank teller, drove herself to work, and thought she was healthy. She never had the slightest indication of any health problems. She was all ready to be a mom and was looking forward to her new life with her beautiful baby boy.

Now, she would be placed on multiple medications which would heavily sedate her, taking away her chance to be the mother she had always dreamt of being. The type of mom that took fun classes with her son, played with him at the park, drove him to play-dates, the fun mom she knew she could be. Now she couldnt drive to work or drive her son to activities, her life was on hold at the most inopportune time. The seizures even interfered with her sleep, waking her in the middle of the night, causing her not to ever really reach full REM sleep.

After five years of enduring pseudo-seizures, Brittany found out she was pregnant again and was hoping this time would be different. However, nothing changed and life seemed to be at a standstill. She was ready to try anything. After talking to her friends about their migraines, she was told about ear seeding. Ear seeding is when ear seeds are placed in strategic points on the ear to help treat patients for a variety of different issues including tremors from pseudo-seizure. Ear seeds can be made from actual Vaccaria seeds, stainless steel, or 24k gold.

Brittany reached out to Marti Crawford, a Registered Nurse in Dexter Missouri, who has trained in Auriculotherapy and received her EarSeeds Certification from The EarSeeds Academy. Taught by Elie Goldschmidt, Auriculotherapy expert, Licensed Acupuncturist, teacher and Cofounder of EarSeeds.com, The EarSeeds Certification Training Program allowed Crawford to go all-in on Brittanys case.  Crawford contacted Elie to try and come up with the best plan for Brittany and her pseudo-seizures. She also called neurologists to try and figure out the patterns associated with pseudo-seizures. After extensive research, Crawford saw Brittany and placed the Ear Seeds in carefully thought out points on the ear.

The first night after her first treatment, Brittany had her first pseudo-seizure free night in years. She immediately contacted Crawford to thank her for giving her a night of freedom.

As time passed, Brittanys pseudo-seizures have decreased by 80 to 90%. When she feels a seizure coming on, she will press on her ear seeds and she instantly feels better. Brittany and Crawford have now developed a deep friendship with big hugs every time they see each other.

Brittany’s life is now almost entirely seizure-free.

But Crawford gave Brittany more than an almost seizure-free life, she gave her a life with her children and the chance to be the mother she always knew she could be.

Crawford feels so fortunate to be able to treat patients with ear seeds. She said, “Learning auriculotherapy has been such a blessing to me and to the clients that I’ve been able to help!” I am sure Brittany feels blessed too.


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