In late March 2020, as the world was beginning to lockdown to stop the spread of Corona Virus, Supermodel Naomi Campbell posted an IGTV video of herself talking about the safety precautions   she was using before getting on a flight cross-country. As she speaks you can see her having her Ear Seeds applied. (Maybe for stress, immunity support… or to help her sleep the whole way there?)

It’s funny that when a celebrity adopts a new product or wellness trend, it somehow “legitimizes” it for the general public.

But Ear Seeds are not a “new product” or “wellness trend.” The modality of Auriculotherapy has shown it’s rooting for thousands of years, across multiple cultures!

The way we learn Auriculotherapy today is heavily based on the teachings of French physician, Dr. Paul Nogier, in the 1950s.

In fact, according to The World Health Organization (whom we’ve been hearing a lot from recently with Covid-19)  “the ear is perhaps the most studied microsystem in the entire body.”

It’s powerful.

And if celebrities are saying it, it has to be true. 😉