Free Gold Pellet EarSeeds

What are Ear Seeds?

There are hundreds of nerve endings on your ear. Ear Seeds are tiny pellets worn on those pressure points.

They communicate with the brain to help promote balance, health, and well-being.

Ear Seeds have been used in addiction clinics, military settings for trauma and in wellness settings for decades.


No matter the issue, EarSeeds can help.

This Multi-condition kit has everything you need to get started:

Stainless Steel

40 Ear seeds in inconspicuous stainless steel for a nearly invisible look.

gold and crystal ear seeds

24K + Swarovski®

A little extra luxe with 40 delicate 24K pellets + an additional 20 more, hand embellished with Swarovski Crystals.

Free Gold Pellet EarSeeds

Easy-to-follow charts  for all the most popular conditions including:

• WEIGHT LOSS – with points for addictive behavior, cravings control and improved digestion

LOWER BACK / SCIATICA – addressed pain in these areas with proven points for sciatic pain

• SLEEP / INSOMNIA – regulate circadian rhythm so you can get some rest.

HEADACHES / MIGRAINES – Centralized points to stop those headaches before they start

STRESS & ANXIETY – Address fight or flight response, breathe easier and bring the body towards balance.

40, 24K Gold plated magnetic pellets

These tiny 24K gold pellets are affixed to invisible tape. They are simply applied them to pressure points on the ear to stimulate the nerve endings and encourage homeostasis throughout the body.


Free Gold Pellet EarSeeds
Free Gold Pellet EarSeeds

Swarovski Crystals for added luxury

You’ll also receive 20 additional 24K gold ear seeds, hand-embellished with Swarovski crystals. 

PLUS Gold Precision Tweezers


This all-in-one Multi-condition kit is only available this holiday season. 

Also available with Stainless Steel Pellets

24K Crystal Reference EarSeeds Kit

Accurate and easy-to-follow

Our charts will not overwhelm you with a million confusing points, and most importantly, they are accurate with powerful protocols, designed by noted Auriculotherapy teacher, Elie Goldschmidt, L.Ac. 

High Quality Materials

Using only medical grade stainless steel or 24K gold magnetic ion pellets, plus only genuine Swarovski Crystals, our seeds look beautiful and with their latex-free, invisible tape, they will stay in place for days at a time, even with showering and daily activity. 

Beautifully Packaged

This all-in-one kit includes a variety of charts making this truly a fantastic, unique, and thoughtful gift for everyone on your list. You can also add additional charts for a truly customized gift-giving experience. 


Latex-Free Gold + Crystal

Pre-Holiday Sale ending soon! 

Also available in Stainless Steel

the wellness modality of the year

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Meet Tova and take a tour of the ear, get familiar with some of our products, + get guidance finding an assortment of popular points. 

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Learn from the experts.

Our wide range of Ear Seeds Classes, plus our CEU Approved EarSeeds Certification Program will help you get the best results.

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