As auriculotherapy continues to grow in popularity we thought we’d put together some interesting facts about auriculotherapy so you can share some interesting information at your next dinner party! 

1- Many people know that the foot is a microsystem of the entire body and so, as an easy way to explain the concept of auriculotherapy, people will often say “It’s like reflexology, but on the ear!” Sometimes people will mistakenly call it reflexology, but it’s not. Now you won’t be one to make that mistake! 

2 – Although auriculotherapy has some roots in ancient China, India and Europe, it wasn’t until the 1950’s when a french physician named Dr. Paul Nogier discovered those roots and went on to dedicate his life to researching it, developing it and creating the system of auriculotherapy that is practiced today. He’s become known as The Father Of Auriculotherapy. 

3 – The seeds used to stimulate the ear points are often made from the dried seeds of the Vaccaria plant, a purple flowing plant known in Chinese Medicine for it blood invigorating properties. 

4 – Many of our Ear Seeds kits come with 120 seeds- enough to last between 4-6 weeks with regular wear. Of course the length of time those 120 seeds last will depend on how many points you’re stimulating. Most kits have between 5-8 points to stimulate. 

5 – Celebrities including Penelope Cruz and Matt Damon have been photographed sporting Ear Seeds for Stress and Back Pain. 

6 – When you know where to look, many health conditions can be seen by simply examining the ear for tell-tale indicators. A trained eye can often see things as random as missing teeth, digestive issues and chronic back pain. (When using our kits we always suggest looking for veins, discoloration or tender spots near the appropriate point- that’s often an indicator you’re on track!) 

7- In recent years auriculotherapy has been featured on a variety of TV shows, from Dr. Oz to the Drs., as well as in The New York Times, Livestrong, ABC and NBC News, Epoch Times, In Goop Health and more… 

8 – Although you may have only heard about it recently, according to the World Health Organization, the ear is possibly the most studied microsystem of the entire body! 

Now that you know a bit more about EarSeeds, 
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