Hemorrhoids Stainless Steel EarSeeds Kit


Learn the points related to Hemorrhoid Symptoms caused by swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus that cause discomfort and bleeding.

Contains everything you need:

  • 40 Stainless Steel Ear Seeds on Long-Lasting, Clear Adhesive Tape
  • Easy-to-Follow Educational Ear Chart
  • Precision Tweezers
  • Bonus Shen Men Chart
  • Plus Complete Instructions

Swarovski® Crystal EarSeeds

Want to upgrade the appearance of your EarSeeds? Use these attractive Crystal-embellished pellets on the pressure points indicated in the kit for a more fashionable look with the same function.
Retail orders only.


    The newest additions to our luxury EarSeeds collection are these beautifully gift-boxed Stainless Steel Invisible EarSeeds Condition Kits.

    Gorgeous and retail-ready, these kits look great on the shelves of any spa or clinic, big or small!

    Some highlights of these beautiful kits:

    • Made with Long-Lasting Clear Tape for an Inconspicuous Appearance
    • Designed to last through Showering and Swimming
    • Fits even the Smallest of Ears: Great for Kids!
    • Typically Stays in Place for 2-4 Days
    • Latex-Free
    These kits are designed for educational purposes only.
    No claims as to therapeutic or curative properties of any treatment or modality are being made.

    Additional information

    Weight2 oz