Selling Strategies

Using Ear Seeds in Your Practice 

Auriculotherapy works well on its own, however, when combined with other holistic practices like acupuncture, massage and chiropractic, the benefits are amplified and last longer. As a practitioner or therapist, offering ear seeds is a way to put your clients or patients on the path to health and wellness and also augment their results in between sessions.

As a businessperson, selling ear seeds will boost your bottom line and set you apart from your competitors. They can also be an excellent marketing tool, helping you increase your number of new patients or clients and retain your current ones. Face it, when someone’s wearing seeds on their ears, people are going to ask what they are and where they got them giving you instant word-of-mouth referrals. To help you take things up a notch, we’ve developed some selling and marketing strategies for using ear seeds in your practice. Choose the ones that resonate with you and watch your business flourish.

Integrate Ear Seeds Into Your Treatments

The first step in selling ear seeds and using them to grow your practice, is educating your patients or clients and integrating ear seeds into your treatments. When working with a patient/client, explain what auriculotherapy is and talk about the benefits. Offer to place ear seeds on them as part of their treatment for a nominal fee. You can even use our free printable flyers for reference.

Be sure to let them know they can buy condition-specific kits for placing ear seeds at home. Since ear seeds act as adjunct care and can keep the benefits of treatment going in between sessions, they can be empowering to patients who want to play an active role in maintaining their own health and wellbeing. Keep in mind that your patients/clients and their family members have different health issues than just the ones they’re seeking treatment for. Ask them about headaches, back pain, stress, etc. and show them the kit to match their needs. When they’re putting on their ear seeds, they’ll think of your practice and when friends and family ask about them, your name will be mentioned. 

Appreciation Cards

Reaching out to clients or patients and letting them know you appreciate them and love having the opportunity to help them, can go a long way in keeping you top of mind and building rapport. We have Patient Appreciation Cards at that include 60 ear seeds and an ear chart with points for balance and well-being inside. This means the recipients will be much more likely to keep the card, actually benefit from it and talk about your practice while wearing the ear seeds.

Customize the cards by sliding your business card or a personal note with a special offer in the space above the seeds. You can hand them out to clients or patients after a session or mail them following a visit. This is also a great way to reactivate patients/clients you haven’t seen in a while. Drop it in the mail to encourage them to come back in.

Offer Upgrades

At, we’ve created some seriously gorgeous kits including Swarovski crystal ear pellets and unique limited edition designs. Now that you’ve been using the standard ear seeds in your practice, offer to apply the designer ear seeds to your patient or client as an upgrade to their usual treatment and charge a small additional fee. You’ll increase your average transaction value and your patients or clients get to pamper themselves while experiencing the healing power of auriculotherapy. Everybody wins!

To break it down, we sell a box of 60 Swarovski crystal embellished ear seeds at a wholesale price of $28. If you offer an upgrade of two seed placements for $5 and there are 30 placements per box, you brought in an extra $150 or $122 of profit per box. Even if you charge a minimal $1 per seed, you’ll still generate a profit of $32 for each box. We have free downloadable artwork at that tells patients/clients to ask about upgrading their treatment. Frame or hang the posters on the wall in your treatment rooms or reception area and let them do the selling for you.

Host Open Houses

Host the occasional Open House or Patient/Client Appreciation Day to get more people through your door. Advertise it on social media, through your newsletter, with handouts at the front desk or with signs placed around the office or even in neighboring businesses. Invite the community and your current clients or patients to bring friends and family to take advantage of discounts, snacks, demos and giveaways. Use it as an opportunity to educate attendees on your treatment options and hand out literature about your specialty, whether it’s chiropractic care, acupuncture or massage, as well as auriculotherapy (we have free flyers for that!).

On the day of the event, decorate with some balloons and signs, put out refreshments and be sure to display your EarSeeds. You can place ear seeds on attendees for free or for a low cost as part of a demo and let the ear seeds sell themselves. A package of ear seeds would make a great prize for the giveaway. To receive a chance to win, have guests submit the name and email of someone who would be interested in your services to gain leads and build your mailing list. Who doesn’t love a freebie? Plus, the winner will be a walking advertisement for your office when they’re wearing their ear seeds.

Tap Into Social Media

People are intrigued by auriculotherapy and when they see someone wearing ear seeds, especially the sparkly or fun ones, they ask what they are and where they got them. Channel this excitement and word-of-mouth opportunity. After applying ear seeds on a patient, ask if it’s okay if you snap a photo and share it on your social media accounts. Tag the patient as well so their connections see it, which could draw them to your practice to get their own ear seeds.

When patients take home a kit, encourage them to post pictures on their Facebook or Instagram and tag your office. We’ve had practitioners tell us that when they used this approach, they’ve had new clients/patients show up thanks to what we call the “I’ll have what she’s having…” effect. You can get the ball rolling by sharing pictures from our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds on your own accounts.

Birthday Cards

How often do you get something in your mailbox besides a bill or unsolicited junk? When you do receive a card or a note, it makes you feel special. Taking the time to send clients/patients a personalized, handwritten birthday card every year shows them you think of them as an individual and not just another sale. It also ensures your name is on their mind.

If you don’t already ask for clients’ or patients’ birthdays at their initial visit, start making a habit of it now. For efficiency, develop a standard birthday message and tweak it slightly to make it more personal for each client/patient. A few weeks before their birthday, send out the card with your well wishes. Since people tend to feel indulgent around their birthday, including a special offer such as a free upgrade with designer ear seeds, a discount or even a packet of ear seeds with an invitation to come in for a visit may be enough to get them on the schedule, whether they’re a regular or someone you’d like to reactivate. You could even use our Patient Appreciation Cards and customize them by inserting birthday notes with your offers.  

Create Targeted Offers

Focus on a specific demographic, like brides or yoga enthusiasts, or a certain time of year, such as the holidays, and then create a promotion geared towards it. For example, we all know planning a wedding can be stressful. If you’re a masseuse, advertising a special, relaxing massage option just for brides-to-be and bridesmaids during peak wedding season could be a great way to generate business. Include a few placements of crystal ear seeds in the package or as an upgrade. You can expand on it by offering to meet the bridal party at one of the pre-wedding events (bridal shower, bachelorette party) or even at the salon while they’re getting their hair or makeup done with ear seeds that match their dresses as well as some clear ones for the bride.

This same tactic can apply for holidays, which are also notoriously stressful for some people. We’re constantly releasing limited edition ear seeds that are fun, quirky and seasonal. Create a special for any given holiday and offer festive ear seeds as an upgrade. Or, how about a big sporting event such as the Super Bowl or even something local? You can purchase Swarovski crystal refills in just the colors you want so your patients/clients can show off their team spirit!

Embrace Weight Loss

Regardless of whether you’re a chiropractor, massage therapist or acupuncturist, you have knowledge of holistic health, the human body and nutrition, which puts you in the perfect position to help people lose weight. There aren’t many topics that are more popular than weight loss. If you incorporate a weight loss program, which could include nutrition counseling, education, relaxation techniques, treatments and auriculotherapy, into your practice, you will increase your traffic.

Not only can you apply ear seeds to your patient/client to help them jumpstart their weight loss, you can also sell them the weight loss ear seed kit so they can continue stimulating the associated auriculotherapy points at home in between visits. This will give them the best results and boost your sales.

Reach Out to Yogis

Contact your local yoga studio about setting up a regular two-hour event, whether it’s once a week or once a month. Use the time to offer treatments with ear seeds, sell ear seeds kits, explain your specialty and auriculotherapy and form relationships. Not only do we offer Chakra-colored Swarovski crystal ear seeds along with a handy Chakra affirmation chart perfect for yoga practitioners but they’re the type of audience that’s not surprisingly open to holistic medicine.

You can offer a discount for a treatment at your office with the purchase of an ear seed kit. Just be sure to put an expiration on the offer to get them to book within a few weeks. Bring your sign-up sheet (you can find one here) to collect email addresses for your newsletter and to stay in touch if they want more information. You can always offer the studio owner a free treatment or some sort of reciprocity agreement to thank them.

Implement a Loyalty Program

Rewarding your regulars will keep them coming in for treatments and make them more likely to spread the word about your clinic. Everyone loves to feel appreciated. You don’t need to spend a ton of money or time on a program. Purchase cards in bulk and give your patients/clients a stamp every time they have a treatment. When they reach a predetermined amount, say 10 treatments, show your thanks with a free ear seed placement upgrade.

If the client or patient has already been opting for the ear seeds upgrade, the freebie will remind them to keep at it. If they haven’t upgraded before, you’ll probably pique their interest and encourage them to continue with it in the future. Of course, remind them they can maintain the good feelings at home by purchasing a condition-specific kit.

Smoking Cessation Events

According to the CDC, nearly seven in 10 adult cigarette smokers want to stop smoking and over 42% made an attempt to quit in the past year. Considering how deadly smoking is, helping people quit is extremely important and not everyone has the tools to power through the withdrawal symptoms. With our knowledge of the human body, health practitioners have the expertise to offer some of these tools.

Advertise a free event for smokers interested in quitting on social media, through your newsletter or with signs around the community. You can teach them relaxation techniques, educate them on the benefits of acupuncture/massage/chiropractic for smoking cessation and offer ear acupressure demos. Encourage them to purchase a Stop Smoking Ear Seed Kit to help quell their cravings. When they do find success, you’ll most likely have a client or patient for life and you’ve helped put them on the road to wellness.  

Start a Referral Program

Similar to a loyalty program, rewarding clients/patients for their referrals shows them you appreciate their business and efforts to spread the word. Plus, ear seeds pretty much generate their own buzz and YOU’RE the place people can get them in your community.

We have simple but high-quality referral cards at Write your clinic name and address (or use an address label sticker) and have your current patient/client fill in their name on the bottom and take it with them after their appointment. Encourage them to share the card with friends or family members who ask about their ear seeds. If their referral comes in for a treatment, give the patient/client a discount on treatment or a free gift (ear seeds, perhaps?). If your state has strict laws on what you may or may not offer as a referral reward, follow their guidelines.


Do Demos


Head to your local colleges (contact the admin department first) or get a booth at health fairs, flea markets or farmers’ markets. Set up a folding table and some stools and display your marketing materials, your trusty mailing list sign-up sheet and a collection of ear seed kits. If you really want to get serious about selling, have our free marketing posters printed on banner stands and place them around your table or booth. 


Give mini auriculotherapy sessions with ear seeds. During a session, you can walk the person through what you’re doing and ask them about any health conditions they want to treat. Then, direct them towards the condition-specific kits. Offer to deduct the cost of any ear seeds products they purchase (up to a certain dollar amount) from the price of their first treatment at your office. Let them know the offer is only good for 10 days so they don’t procrastinate or forget. Print out our free stickers, which feature that message along with space for you to add your information, the expiration date and the value of the offer, and adhere them to your products.


Pro tip: If you’re going to a college, finals week is the perfect time to offer stress-relief sessions. The tranquilizer point will help students unwind but it’s also visible, which will get people asking about their ear seeds and most likely send them your way. For even more of a conversation starter, use the Swarovski crystal seeds.



Create a Spectacular Display


Just tossing a few packages of ear seeds products on the reception desk isn’t the way to catch the eyes of your patients or clients. A beautiful display that stands out will be much more enticing and at least get people asking about the product. First, head over to our marketing page and download our posters. They’re free and print in hi-resolution so they look professional and attractive. Put some in pretty frames and place them around your clinic, hang them on the walls in the treatment rooms and reception area or have them printed on art panels for an even chicer look. The signs will do the selling for you.


Our kits all have a hanging tab so you can hang them on pegs in the waiting room. They also fit into any 5”x7” greeting card display rack, which you can get inexpensively on Amazon. For an even more standout set-up, place them on picture ledges hung at eye level. Get as creative as you want and rack up the purchases.



Teacher Appreciation Day


If you have kids, setting up a Teacher Appreciation Day event should be pretty easy because you probably know the principal and a lot of the teachers. If you don’t have children, don’t let that stop you from inquiring at your local school about holding an event. Once you get the go-ahead, bring a small folding table, a stool or chair, some display signs, bottles of waters and snacks, ear seeds products, your mailing list sign-up sheet and some printouts on the benefits of your specialty as well as auriculotherapy.


Offer free, mini stress-relieving acupressure treatments using ear seeds. The teachers will definitely appreciate it. While you’re doing a session, talk to them about your clinic and services, what conditions they’d be interested in treating and how the ear seeds work. You can allow them to purchase ear seeds kits on the spot or encourage them to come in for a treatment by creating a special offer for teachers that includes a free upgrade with ear seed placement or a discount. Make the expiration date sometime in the near future so they don’t forget about the offer.


Put Your Email Newsletter to Work


We’re assuming you’ve been using our mailing list sign-up sheet to build up your newsletter base. If you haven’t, there’s no time like the present. Keep in mind, a really boring, stale newsletter will just get deleted. Make sure your content is short and sweet but engaging, informative and relevant. Don’t be afraid to throw some videos and photos in there to spice things up.

In addition to news and updates on your office, services and area of expertise, considering highlighting a condition every month and offer a discount on the corresponding ear seeds kit. Once a patient/client buys a kit and starts using ear seeds, they’ll most likely want to continue to reap the benefits. That will get them back into your office, which is the ultimate goal of your marketing.


Hit Up Your Local Corporate Offices


Corporate wellness is a big trend and large employers are always on the hunt for new ways to keep their staff happy and healthy, which in turn makes them more productive. Pitch your services to a decision maker. If they seem hesitant, explain how massage/acupuncture/chiropractic combined with auriculotherapy can help their employees focus (there are points for that!) and de-stress to produce higher-quality work. Either present your idea as a paid service, where the employer gives you a fee to offer treatments, or give free mini treatments with the goal of selling product and building relationships.  


Once you have an in, start providing on-site treatments that incorporate ear seeds. While you’re doing a session, find out what problems the person is having and let them know about the condition-specific kits that can address their issues at home. Additionally, offering a discount on treatments at your office for a limited time can encourage them to make an appointment.


Teach marketing and selling strategies

bridal showers, sports teams, treatment upgrades, charging for stand-alone ear seed treatment etc.