Skintones: 300 Mid-Tone Latex-Free Ear Seeds


A versatile shade of light brown matches a variety of skin tones ranging from olive to mid-brown. Neutral undertones.

The entire Skintones Collection is Latex-Free! 

An EarSeeds Exclusive Product

Package of 300 Latex-Free vaccaria seeds.

All-natural 2 mm diameter seeds for ear or body points.


Product includes:

  • Package of 300 Vaccaria seeds on Mid-Tone tape.
  • Five sheets of 60 seeds.
  • Placement Chart with 3-Point Relaxation Protocol.
  • All-natural, pesticide-free Vaccaria seeds for ear or body points.

This item does not contain tweezers.

***This listing is a pre-order for inventory from our hand-made sample batch. Quantity is limited. Shipping starts on September 8th.  

*The ear has multiple planes, hitting light and shadow simultaneously. While no color system will be a perfect match for all people, we aim to create a thoughtful assortment of options for everyone.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz