Practitioner Pre-Pack



An ideal way to introduce’s condition-specific kits into your practice! Our kits are designed to help you grow your practice, increase revenue and help your patients, and this collection of items gives you everything you need to get started!

Our practitioner pre-pack comes with 24 kits,including:
3 Weight Loss, 3 Headaches / Migraines, 3 Anxiety, 2 Stress, 2 Insomnia, 2 Back Pain / Sciatica, 2 Stop Smoking, 1 Menopause, 1 Memory & Focus, 1 Libido, 1 Depression, 1 Postpartum, 1 Fertility, 1 Eyes & Vision.


IN ADDITION to the kits you’ll also get:

• Attractive countertop display

• Three posters to hang or leave on display throughout your office, inviting your patients, to buy and learn more.

• Twelve auriculotherapy educational pamphlets to leave in your office. (more available upon request)

• An assortment of inspirational and beautiful stickers to share with your patients and keep you on their mind.

These ear seed kits will sell themselves in your office.
MSRP is $18.99 per kit ($24.99 for our expanded kits, Eyes and Fertility) bringing in $468 of revenue for you.

Practitioner Testimonials & Emails
“The kits are flying off the shelf!!”
“They give me an edge over my competition”
“My patients are absolutely loving them”
“Giving my patients ‘homework’ keeps them engaged in their care, and coming back!”
“I recently displayed your products in my office. Patients love that they will have things to take with them on vacation”

Get these ear seed kits in your office! Your patients will LOVE them and your revenue will increase!

Only a limited number of pre-packs will be available, so act fast!

My patients LOVE the ear seeds. It helps extend the treatment and we’re experiencing greater compliance with treatments.
– Stacey Donelson, L.Ac.


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Weight16 oz