[Limited Edition] Pastel Pearls with Gold Accents


Sophisticated and detailed, these ear seeds look like expensive earrings to everyone who views them.

Matched up by pairs of beautifully subtle pastel hues, these small, colored pearls are each wrapped with a band of gold.

Packaged in our new 24K Gold EarSeeds Collection Boxes which include directions and a chart for Shen Men, Point Zero, and Tranquilizer Points, these are perfect to wear yourself or gift to your loved ones! With each strip safely packaged individually in clear sleeves to keep the adhesive fresh and the EarSeeds easily accessible, these are perfect for storing away from sunlight or gift-giving.

Stock is limited, get them before they’re gone!!

Includes 40 pellets, each color in pairs, all with 24-karat gold plated pellets.

Pellets are designed to stay in place 2-4 days, even with showering and daily activity.

Includes 40 pellets per pack.

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