[Limited Edition] X-mas Fun Cute Christmas Creations!!


These little guys are TOO CUTE not to love! Everything from friendly Santas to intricately decorated christmas trees,  Happy snowmen to delicate snowflakes!  These gorgeous, handcrafted ear seeds are made using dozens of colors of polymer clay, delicately handcrafted into intricately detailed christmas icons.  A great holiday special to wear or offer your patients that they’ll LOVE to talk about!

Includes 40, 24 kt. gold plated pellets in assorted designs, each design is paired.

Pellets are designed to stay in place 2-4 days, even with showering and daily activity.

Includes 40 pellets per pack.

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Add-on Pellets

“Invisible” clear tape pellets allow your limited editions to take center stage, while still stimulating more points.


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Weight 1 oz