Libido Swarovski® Crystal Condition Kit


Kit Includes:

• Metallic Foil Printed Ear Point Chart
• Gold Colored Stainless Steel Tweezers
• 40, 24-karat gold plated Ear Pellets with Clear Diamond Swarovski Crystal Embellishments on long-lasting, clear adhesive tape
• Complete Instructions and carry pouch

Pellets are designed to stay in place 2-4 days, even with showering and daily activity.

Our EarSeeds are all handmade with ❤ in San Diego, CA.

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Want to add on Pellets?

“Invisible” clear tape pellets allow your Swarovski Crystals to take center stage, while still stimulating more points.


***Note: Color refers to kit packaging only. All conditions contain Clear Diamond Swarovski Crystals.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz