Immunity Support 24K & Swarovski® Crystal EarSeeds Kit


Elevate your ear acupressure with the newest addition to our Luxury EarSeeds Collections! These beautifully gift-boxed Ear Seeds Kits are made with 24K Gold & Swarovski® Crystal EarSeeds and designed to help you sparkle.

Gorgeous and retail-ready, these kits look great on the shelves of any spa or clinic, big or small.

With their condition-specific placement charts, they are a great way to try auriculotherapy with clear directions for exactly the points you’ll want to use.

Some highlights of these beautiful kits:

  • Made with Long-Lasting, latex-free Clear Tape for a delicate and sophisticated appearance.
  • Designed to last through Showering, Swimming, and daily activity
  • Fits even the Smallest of Ears: Great for Kids!
  • Typically Stays in Place for 2-4 Days
  • The combination of 40, 24K gold ear seeds + 20 additional 24K + Swarovski crystal-embellished seeds allows you to add as much sparkle as you want while stimulating all the points.


Learn the points related to Immunity Support. A strong immune system can help fight diseases and help maintain good health.

Contains everything you need:

  • 60, 24K Gold Plated Ear Seeds on Long-Lasting, Latex-Free Clear Adhesive Tape:
    –  40, 24K Gold Plated
    –  20, 24K Gold Plated Ear Seeds with Clear Diamond Swarovski Crystal Embellishments
  • Easy-to-Follow Condition-Specific Educational Ear Chart
  • Precision Tweezers
  • Bonus Shen Men Chart
  • Complete Instructions

Swarovski® is a registered trademark of Swarovski AG.

These kits are designed for educational purposes only.

No claims as to therapeutic or curative properties of any treatment or modality are being made.

*May contain traces of nickel

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Weight 3.5 oz