Glimmering Tree-ts(LIMITED EDITION)

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What’s red and green and gold-all-over? That’s right! These adorable Ear Seeds! Embellished with crystals to match the season and super sweet Trees for a dash of classic festiveness. Grab ’em while we got em!

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Add a RAINBOW Tweezer?

Add our slant-tip galactic Rainbow tweezers to help safely remove the Ear Seeds from their backing paper and apply with precision to the correct points.




  • 40 – 24K Gold Ear Seeds Hand Embellished in the USA
  • Comprehensive chart with a bunch of points for mood & mental health
  • Latex-Free Long-Wearing Clear Tape
  • Extra Inspo Card and Stickers ‘cuz we đź’— you.

Please Note: Wholesale pricing does not apply to Limited Edition Designs.

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