EarSeeds Storage Case with Add-ons


Hate it when your EarSeeds get all smashed and crumpled inside your bag? Do you travel between clinics? Bring your EarSeeds with you in a convenient, attractive and useful case!

Comes with a little mirror inside and stays closed with a hidden magnetic seal, this case is perfectly sized to hold an assortment of EarSeeds, plus tweezers and even our Multi-Condition Reference Cards!

Only through this exclusive special, you can pre-fill your beautiful Ear Seeds case with 300 Ear Seeds and a stainless steel tweezers – FOR just $10!

Add on the ring of Multi-Condition Reference Cards (not available as a stand-alone item) and you’ve got everything needed to really get familiar with all that EarSeeds can do.

*Tan tape Ear Seeds contain latex

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re purchasing more than one and want to include add-ons or select specific colors, you must add each case to your cart individually.

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Weight 1 oz